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Here at Camilla Rose, we are happy to cancel or reschedule appointments, providing we have adequate notice.

We are very lucky that the vast majority of our clients always make it to their appointment at their pre-booked time, but every so often we do have a last minute change or a no-show which results in a therapist with an empty desk/room. Pre-lockdown this was something we and many other businesses accounted for, but sadly since lockdown, the industry (us included) just can’t afford it anymore. We plan, we forecast and we account for every client that books in.

With that in mind, if you can’t make your appointment with us, don’t worry! Simply let us know ASAP via telephone call, and we can get you booked in at a different time. We can then offer your appointment to another client wanting a pamper or the staff member can adjust their working day/childcare accordingly. No harm done, everyone is happy.

But if we don’t know you can’t make it until the last minute, we can’t fill the space meaning not only are we out of pocket but someone else wanting an appointment also goes without. Basically everyone loses out and none of us want that, it’s rubbish, so we very much appreciate you keeping us in the loop if your plans change or you no longer need your appointment.

Below is the policy for all cancellations and changes to appointments.

Cancellations & Changes

50% of the total cost of your appointment will be incurred if less than 24hrs notice is provided via telephone call or text message NOT via email or social media.

If your cancellation has not been acknowledged, it has likely not been seen.


Late Arrivals

If you’re late, we are late!

As a courtesy to all our clients a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to. 

If you are more than10 minutes late to an appointment, we will be unable to carry out the treatment so this will be classed as a

“cancellation” and will result in 50% of the total cost being payable.

No Shows

Failure to arrive for an appointment without prior notice within the required 48hr time frame, will result in your appointment being classed as a ‘no show’ and 100% of the total cost payable.

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