We have fully reviewed all of the government guidance available to us and are confident that we are opening our doors in a very safe way, minimising any risk to staff or clients. We hope that this gives you some level of comfort, but have also put together this short list of FAQ's which should help you to understand the reasons behind some of the decisions we have taken. 

Do I have to wear PPE to my appointment?   


The wearing of masks is no longer mandatory however, if you arrive at your appointment wearing a face mask, we will also ensure that we wear one throughout your treatment unless you tell us otherwise.

Some staff members may chose to continue to wear a face mask due to personal circumstances, especially for close contact treatments such as brows and lashes, however, again, this is a personal choice and is not mandatory.

What PPE will staff be wearing?

There is currently no requirement for us to wear PPE however, we may chose to wear a mask and gloves for additional protection.  

Have your cleaning protocols changed due to Covid -19?

As all of our long standing clients will know, cleaning was always a top priority at Camilla Rose! However we do have additional cleaning protocols such as:

  • Allowing 10 minutes between each client to sanitise the treatment area and all contact points

  • Using appropriate disinfectant products to ensure viruses are killed

  • Cleaning checklists for each work station

  • Cleaning equipment will be easily accessible for each therapist to ensure efficiency and minimal cross contact

  • All towels and staff uniforms will be washed daily at a minimum of 60 degrees

Have you done a Risk Assessment?

Yes. As per government guidelines a full salon risk assessment and subsequent staff training has been completed.

Can I use my mobile phone during my appointment?

We kindly ask you not to use your phone during your treatment. This ensures we have your full cooperation and attention as well as allowing the quiet enjoyment for other clients who may be in the salon.


What happens if I am late?

If you are late then we may not be able to complete your full appointment as we will need to ensure we can complete your treatment within the time slot we have allocated.  If you are so late that we are unable to fulfil your treatment then you will be charged the usual short notice cancellation fee and asked to reschedule. It is extremely important that we do not run late in order that we have the adequate cleaning time and do not cross over with the next clients. Failure to comply with this will mean we are not following government guidelines.

Can I come to my appointment if I have mild Covid-19 symptoms but still feel ok?

No.  If you have any of the symptoms listed on the government or NHS website, or for any reason are required to isolate, please cancel your appointment as early as you can. Please do not attend if you are unwell with any type of illness, not just Covid-19. This is so we can keep our salon a safe space that everyone feels as comfortable and as confident in as they possibly can.

Will I be informed if I have attended the salon and you have had a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19?

Yes. Our booking system will ask you to complete a Covid health check form each time you come and these details will be passed onto Track & Trace if we are asked to do so. In the unlikely event that we are informed that anyone who has attended the salon has or has recently had Covid-19, we will follow the appropriate government advice on ensuring people are made aware where necessary. 


Can I pay in cash?

Yes you can pay in cash, however we would prefer to take card payments where possible to minimise contact.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

It is our aim that the salon experience you were used to will return as soon as possible, but for now we really would appreciate you supporting us by understanding the temporary changes we have had to make to ensure that our customer and our own safety is our number one priority.